Five things that we have learned from this year’s U.S. Open

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The recently concluded U.S. open was a thriller. Most exciting Grand Slam of the year by miles. Look at the stats, the matches, and of course, rain delays. The winners were just as awesome as the tournament. I will talk about them in detail in the following paragraphs, but congratulations to Novak Djokovic and Samantha Stosur on being U.S. Open 2011 Champions!

  • Well, the most obvious thing to be noted in the tournament was Federer’s decline, not just physically but also mentally. He gave away the semi-final to Novak, and that too, after having beaten him in French Open. The match should have made him more confident but confidence was the only thing lacking in the record holder’s game. I mean, you don’t expect this from a player who has won more Grand Slams than anyone. To be on the brink of victory and yet lose. I think, Federer is not a favorite to win the Grand Slams anymore. He is just not as mentally tough as he used to be. Perhaps, the age is also catching up with him.
  • The deserving world number one! All the talk about women’s world number one having never won a Grand Slam makes more sense when the men’s number one is the winner of three of the four Grand Slams this year. I’m taking nothing from Wozniaki but Novak Djokovic is truly the best player on planet at the moment. He defeated Rafa in Wimbledon to stamp his authority and he did it again. Both the finals were carbon copy of each other. Rafa was nowhere in the first two sets and Djokovic had that hunger, that desire for success, which is the quality of a champion. Expect Djokovic to win more and emphatically!
  • How many of you lost bets on Serena? Wasn’t that a surprise? Serena losing in a Grand Slam final is an amazing thing and losing in the U.S. Open is more astonishing and bewildering. What were the factors behind her defeat and is Stosur better than Serena are the type of questions that everyone is asking. I think the case is the same as with Federer.  Stosur took the game to her, had a belief and a game plan and Serena just couldn’t believe what was happening to her. I think there are more Grand Slams in her, but yes, Serena can be beaten in a Grand Slam final!
  • Many people expected Murray to win this year’s event and they were not very wrong to have expected that. He is truly a wonderful player. Also, skill-wise, he can match the top three. However, the difference lies in holding your nerve in big matches. Murray carries the nation’s expectations with him, and like his counterparts in football, flops at the crucial moment. This year is over, but he isn’t going to win one next year too. He has to do something to make him win the final matches of Grand Slam. Maybe asking his mom to stop coming might make a difference?
  • And this one is for Trivia followers. How many of you knew that since 1995 the world #1 and# 2 have been competing in the final of men’s U.S. Open tennis championships. And well, this year has proven to be the same. Djokovic and Nadal, it cannot be just a coincidence. I think the real reason lies behind the form. Being the last Grand Slam, the top players are in top form and they give their best to win and, therefore, only they get to win it.

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