Pangs of Pain

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Pain has a very strange place in one’s life. It can bring one closer to God and can also cause blasphemy. If pain breaks one to pieces, it also has the tendency to turn one into a solid soul. Rock solid. It may weaken you at times, however, sometimes, it make you strong enough to face the world all alone. Sometimes, it can wash your hopes and passions away, yet sometimes, it may be the real driving force.

The more a person thinks of himself as being immovable and unshaken, the more he becomes sensitive to it.

The place that pain possesses in life  makes it  an ‘always there’ part of life. No one can ever escape it, be it one’s own pain or the suffering of someone else that moved you so bad that you felt it the same way. There’s no escape or running away from pain because it is there. Always. It is only time that helps, and eventually, takes pain away with itself, leaving behind memories only.

My heart goes out to all those who have lost their loved ones.

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