On Tea, Trolleys and Marriage Proposals

Oct 14, 2012 by     2 Comments    Posted under: Ballad

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If there is anything that I hate about marriage proposals and prospective relations, it’s the ‘trolley’ culture. And even though I got engaged without having to serve tea, it would be great if our society could do away with this humiliating practice. Here is what came to me while I sat imagining what would have happened if I had been subjected to it.

He left with a crisp collar,

Soggy shirt front.

The clatter and jingle resounding

In his ears;

The cup and saucer

against the tray

Her bangles, lilting, golden.

He had smiled as she poured

Him a cup

“Chai?” A whisper, downcast eyes.

She was nervous

The blush, oh the blush

That rose.

The shaking hands that would be his

to hold, forever.

He smiled at her,

Her mouth formed an O

The cup came clattering

Down on him.

It was her turn to smile.

“I’m sorry, would you like coffee instead?”

The Author

Aspiring novelist, not-really-a-closet poet, blogger; Maryam is a sophomore at Kinnaird College, majoring in Media Studies. She is forever ‘adopting’ words that have been forgotten. She writes letters to Sylvia Plath whenever she is bored . She hates being told that she should be studying Literature.

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  • Written with a kick on wit. Like it :D

  • Get’s better every time…

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