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Momina Mustehsan – The Girl of ‘Pee Jaoun’ – A Song by Farhan Saeed

For Clarification of Readers: The girl you see in the Pee Jaoun Videos posted on Youtube is NOT Momina Mustehsan but an Indian model named Surveen Chawla. Momina sang the song in US which was sent to the studios in India for compilation.

Momina Mustehsan, a new face for the music industry. Her debut song ‘Pee Jaoon’ with the mesmerizing vocals of Farhan Saeed will be released soon, expected to leave the fans awe-struck. We managed to grab the bragging rights to be the first one to cover this gorgeous, charming and charismatic girl.

Date of Birth/Zodiac Sign?
September 5th/Virgo

Family and Educational Background?
I completed my A Level from Lahore Grammar School in Lahore, and I’m currently studying Genetic and Tissue Engineering (Biomedical Engineering), along with a minor in business at Stony Brook University in New York. I plan on going to a Medical School after this.

Favourite Food?
Everything :D

Favourite Colour?

One thing you cannot live without?
Food! (And my family of course)

Something you hate the most?
General assumptions made by people who hardly even know you.

You are very conscious about…
Other people’s perspective on Pakistan.

What was the last book you read?
”A Thousand Splendid Suns” by Khaled Hosseini, and I’m in the process of reading Salman Ahmad’s ”Rock & Roll Jihad”.

Your biggest fear?
Seeing my country not get back on track.

How do you make your Sundays’ special?
Sometimes brunch followed by a bike ride, or just sitting home doing nothing at all.

Something you’d like to change about our music industry?
I would want it to offer more respect to the females that are part of it.

Something you’d like to change about Pakistan?
It’s current political set-up.

Do you have any interest other than music to pursue in life?
I aspire to be a Cardiac Surgeon in the future, and I highly doubt that I would ever pursue music as a career.

What was it like to sing along Farhan Saeed in the song ‘Pee Jaun’?
When the album Aadat came out, my friends and I would listen to it all the time, just like most people my age in Pakistan. I never imagined that one day I’d end up making music with Farhan Saeed, the voice behind all those songs. It was an honor, and was a great and very different experience, because I recorded my parts of Pee Jaoun in my dorm room here in New York, and Farhan Saeed recorded his parts back in Lahore, where it was put together and mixed.

In the song, ‘Pee Jaoun’, you have written the female part. Who/What influences you the most?
The lyrics I wrote for Pee Jaoun were influenced by the concept of the song. My words portray the feelings of a girl in that situation, and the melody adds to the emotion I’m speaking about.

How has the response been by far?
Pee Jaoun hasn’t been officially released in any form as yet, but all the comments I have read about it have been very positive. Feels great! :)

Who are your inspirations?
Though it might seem very clichéd, my parents are my inspiration.

What’s your favorite part about singing and performing?
The happiness it brings to me.

If you could perform with anyone, in the future, who would that be?
My chota bhai, Haider :)

What’s your favorite song to belt out in the car?
You wouldn’t want to know this, lol, but at least for now, it’s Daang Kharki by Gippy Grewal haha. The original album version, not the movie version. Brings out the true desi in you!

Ten years from now, you will be…
An engineer and hopefully an established doctor.

Do you deem yourself a better live artist or a studio musician?
Honestly speaking, I haven’t explored myself much as a musician. But, I enjoy doing both.

Your message to your fans/the youth?
Be yourself. Do what feels right to you and your loved ones, and ignore what other less-significant people might have to say about it. Don’t live your life according to people who don’t really wish you well anyway; they will bring you down one way or another, no matter how hard you try to please them. Make a decision, stand by it, and defend it.

Finally, what would you like to say about your experience with Youth Correspondent?
This is my first official interview. I had a great time responding to it. Thanks guys :)