5 minutes before my death

Nov 24, 2011 by     5 Comments    Posted under: Ballad

My sister was abducted and burnt to death,

Her brutal murder took away my mother’s breath…

My father shot himself having no other choice,

And I was left with no one to hear my little voice…

I was steeped into darkness when I opened my eyes,

And then could hear his voice offering me paradise…

He persuaded me to avenge my family’s blood,

I tried to resist as much as I could…

‘They killed your sister, your family and devastated your life’

‘But how can I kill my fellow brothers’ is what then I cried…

‘Oh my little boy, you will grow up and make money’

‘But can that throw off your affliction and replace your agony?’

‘Do not miss the chance, I assure you my son’

‘You have no shelter, no family, nowhere to run’

He tied me up in wires and placed a bomb on me,

‘5 minutes to go’ and then I would be free…

Freedom from this obnoxious and cruel world,

Violent, atrocious and brutal world!

But those 5 minutes before my death seemed 5 years,

I wanted to cry and shout but was left with no tears…

My brain was remote and my heart was at an end,

I had no one to escort me, no family no friend…

The voices around me lowered and life was fading away,

‘Live and let others live’ was all I had to say!


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  • awesome :) Really loved the idea behind it

  • Very nice. :)

  • thankyou :)

  • Mahvish:
    Very nice.

  • Very nice …. good.. keep it up…

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